Max Limit Barbell Club

The Max Limit Barbell Club is a USAW weightlifting club led by Brittany Pray, a nationally competitive weightlifter and USAW-L1 Sports Performance Coach. The goal of our barbell club is to help athletes of all ages and all levels develop foundational strength, technique, and confidence in the Olympic Lifts. Whether you are a competitive weightlifter, a CrossFit athlete looking to improve your weightlifting, an athlete in any sport looking to increase your power output, or an individual looking for a fun and empowering way to increase your strength and overall fitness, Max Limit will help you reach your goals!


Join the Max Limit Barbell Club Team Training and learn or improve your technique for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, increase your overall power and strength, and prepare for competition in Olympic Weightlifting (or just fun heavy lifting days)!


Join our team and you will get:

  • Olympic weightlifting programming for 3 days each week

  • Fantastic coaching software (and an app!) that sends you your workouts each day

  • Demonstration videos for programmed exercises

  • A comments section for uploading videos, asking questions, and interacting with your coach

  • Access to the Max Limit Barbell Team Training Facebook Page

Are you interested in personalized programming & coaching written specifically for YOU & your goals?

Are you recovering from injury, preparing to compete, or wanting to train Olympic Weightlifting more than 3 days per week? 

Check out our individualized online coaching programs here:

35350 Union Lake Rd Harrison Township MI United States 48045

(586) 738-0355

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