5 Reasons Why You Need To Count Your Macros

1. You become aware of what you are over-consuming and under-consuming

Weighing and measuring your food in order to count your macros throughout the day will help you to become more aware of how much and what you are choosing to eat. All of our foods are made up of some combination of macros. “Macros” is short for macro-nutrients, which are Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. You will be more aware of whether you are over- or under-eating in general or maybe overeating one macro-nutrient, while under-eating another.

2. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods

Macro counting will give you a goal number for each macro-nutrient each day. These are called “macro targets”. These macro targets can be reached by eating foods of your choice. This means you can still see results without giving up your favorite foods! It is so much easier to stick with a plan when you don’t have to give up all of your favorite things!

3. You learn to choose healthier foods

While the flexibility of macro counting allows you to keep eating your favorite foods, if you’re a big fan of some really indulgent foods you may quickly realize they take up a large portion of your macros. Over time, you will learn to focus more on food quality and will begin choosing healthier, nutrient-dense foods in order to hit your macro targets each day.

4. Different goals require different macro targets

A number of factors affect the correct macro targets for you and your goals. How much you currently weigh, your goal body weight, and how much you exercise all help determine how much of each macro-nutrient you should eat each day. The Max Limit Nutrition templates use your gender, weight, activity level, and goals to set macro targets specifically for you to help reach your goals – they are not just generalized recommendations given to everyone.

5. Slowly adjusting your macros can help with more permanent results

You may be familiar with “crash dieting,” which involves lowering your calorie intake significantly for rapid weight loss. You can lose weight quickly this way, but you end up losing muscle mass along with fat. You also are more likely to gain back the weight you lost this way. When you work towards your goals over time the correct way, you will see more long-term results! The Max Limit Nutrition templates make periodic changes in your macros, called phases, that help guide you through this process.

Want to learn more about counting your macros? We can help! Visit our Nutrition page here.

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