Back to School?? Back to Swole!

Author’s Note: The opinions in this post may not reflect those of MaxLimit CrossFit or its coaches, and honestly maybe not even mine in the future.  We all change.

Dear reader, I will not forsake you the dog-days of summer that are upon us, but we all know what’s coming quickly…back to school in September. Whether you have a student in school, are a teacher, or are a student yourself, beaches and barbeques are going to give way to chillier and shorter Autumn days full of homework and carpools. Even if school is nowhere near your radar, the slower, warmer days of summer will still likely give way to a crisp busyness.

One thing that may have slipped down the scale of priorities this summer is time at our CrossFit gym. Some of that is normal – we forgo the box a little more often for hikes, swimming and other outdoor fun activities.  Sometimes when a very active summer gives way to the responsibilities of fall, we lose mindful habit practice that can quickly spiral out of control until we find ourselves on December 31 promising to do better.  What if we avoid the spiral?  Better yet, what if we set a small, attainable goal on September 1 and smash it by January 1?? While many view January 1 as the ultimate reset on life and our habits, September 1 can be an ideal time to refocus on our routine.  The self-imposed pressure at the new year won’t appear, because consistent habits we continue or establish this fall will replace the all or nothing changes of the season.

Most important of all, taking a CrossFit class is time for YOU.  You leave the craziness of life at the door.  You lift heavy things, you sweat, you laugh and push yourself harder than ever.  September is the time to take back that hour of self-care and revival.  Make the time for yourself and recommit to the healthiest you.  So what do you say? If I don’t see you at the box in August, I’ll be looking for you in September!

Jen (@jenchuckles) is a few times a week CrossFitter, a once a week yogi, and a never times a week runner.

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