NOOMA: The Real Ingredient Sports Drink

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying NOOMA to help you feel your best during and after every workout! NOOMA’s philosophy is using real ingredients that already naturally have the things that you need to help with your best workouts! This sports drink has no added sugar and zero artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

How do they do that? They use organic coconut water and pink Himalayan salt, which are both packed with essential electrolytes, as the base for their NOOMA drinks!

This is what they have to say about their drinks:

Instead of artificial ingredients we use organic and real ingredients. No words you can’t pronounce, preservatives, or Red 40.

Typical sports drinks have over 40 grams of added sugar, NOOMA has 0 added sugar, all 5 grams of it coming naturally from organic coconut water.

Our low osmolarity means that the electrolytes are absorbed quickly and you are hydrated fast. Carb heavy sports drinks can sit in your stomach and take longer to hydrate you.

All of it makes NOOMA the sports drink you'll actually love putting in your body.

NOOMA is available in 5 delicious flavors:

Mango, Watermelon Lime, Blueberry Peach, Chocolate Mint, and Lemonade!

You can get yours today in the office at Max Limit Fitness for just $3/drink.

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