Why Should I Do the Open?

Registration for the 2018 CrossFit Open is now LIVE!

I have heard all of the excuses for not participating in the CrossFit Open… but I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD absolutely sign up and participate in all five of the workouts, regardless of your fitness level and what the workouts may be.

The excuses along the lines of “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll have to scale,” and “I’ll finish in last place” seem to be among the most popular excuses given. I understand the fear of signing up for a competition that is worldwide and includes elite athletes; but the Open is much more than a competition. There is a scaled division and scaling the workout is a great opportunity for all to participate. Set a goal for yourself to complete every workout, stick to that goal, and you will not only feel accomplished at the end, but you will also NOT find yourself in last place.

As I mentioned, the Open is definitely much more than a competition. It is an opportunity for the amazing worldwide CrossFit community to come together, celebrate their fitness, and work hard toward their goals. While some have goals to make it through the workout without quitting and others have goals to qualify for Regionals or the Games, each and every goal is important. Every year during the Open we see individuals achieving things they may have thought impossible… their first double under, toes to bar, or even their first muscle up.

Whether you have been doing CrossFit for one week or 10 years, you have worked hard to get where you are. The open is more than a chance to see where you rank in the worldwide field of CrossFit athletes; it is a chance to see how your fitness has progressed. It will, undoubtedly, expose your strengths and weakness and can help you develop your goals for the next year.

Beyond the competition aspect, the Open is fun. More often than not, when you ask someone why they love CrossFit, their answer includes something related to the community and the support they receive from others. This is even more true during the Open. The environment in gyms across the world is something you will not see in other sports. Everyone pushes himself or herself to perform at their absolute best and the cheering during WODs and celebrations afterward are like nothing else I have ever experienced. You will feel inspired watching and cheering for others, motivated by the support you receive from others while working out, and determined to continue to improve over the next year.

Essentially, the Open is not about competing with others. It is about proving to yourself that you can do it, having fun, and empowering others to do the same. Sign up for the Open and I know that you will not regret it!

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